CarolinaCon 2007 - Capture the Flag


Link to CTF Presentation
Final scores are posted here.
If you have never played capture the flag before, you can read about it on Wikipedia. The game is played by attacking a Flag computer. Once that computer is compromised you modify a flag file with your informatoin. Since you now hold the flag, you are responsible for defending the Flag computer. You must follow the rules below. You may bend then any way you want to as long as you don't break them. Bribary is frownd upon.
Please note: This network and ALL networks at this conference should be considered HOSTILE. You should be using a encryption and have a firewall installed on your computer.
Overview: To connect to the CTF Network, you will need to use a wireless network card. The SSID is CTF07. The SSID is CaSE Sensitive. This network is setup not to broadcast the SSID to keep other hotel guests off this network. You won't be able to scan and "Find" this network. The network is not using any encryption. DHCP is running on this network. The Flag machine's IP address is You can find a copy of the flag file in c:\ctf\windows.flg. In that same folder, there is a template.flg incase someone does something stupid like deleting the flag file. You can also find a copy of it here. Details on the proper way to edit the flag file are located in the flag file. If you have any questions, you can either ask a staff member to direct you to me or email me: Scores may be displayed on a projector or monitor on Friday night or Saturday during the Con. The winner will be determined by the player that holds the flag file the longest. Good Luck!


Read and Follow all the rules!
When editing the Flag file, don't screw it up or you will mess up the formatting of the scoreboard web page.
Keep the services running on ports 21, 25, 80, 445 up at all times.
Follow the rules in the flag file.
If you reboot the flag box, please let me know. The Flag box has to be logged in for the services to checked by the scoreboard computer. If you don't do this, you will be breaking rule number 3. You can either find me or email me: